Contracting services

With Refitem contracting services you get all the necessary plumbing, electrical and construction work. Refitem uses only familiar subcontractors that have been proven to be excellent in their own field. We can also incorporate total responsibility to the standard contracting services and thereby make it a complete package for your demands.

We are well-known for contracting

  • air source heat pumps and Multisplit devices

  • cabinet-air-conditioner and standard air conditioning machines

  • cold and freezer rooms

  • professional kitchen and restaurant cooling devices and units

  • temperature controlling and registration devices for food industry

  • cooling of server rooms

  • cooling of laboratory, process and production spaces

  • cooling of business spaces

  • water coolers and water stations

  • modernisation of old cooling devices

  • refrigeration units, fitting of cooling water piping and modification works

  • humidification and dehumidification systems

  • modular cold rooms


Sometimes refrigeration units available in the market or the ones previously installed don’t fit the purpose. With REFFIT, we design and construct a refrigeration unit specifically for you. When the build is unique, it’s easy to predict the future maintenance needs, energy consumption and life cycle of the unit.