By ordering maintenance to your cooling devices, you can be sure that your refrigeration unit works properly and efficiently. Required inspections can be carried out during regular maintenances.

As a holder of

a refrigeration unit you are required by the Finnish legislation

  • to make sure that the person running the inspection has sufficient qualifications admitted by Tukes

  • that the refrigeration unit is inspected regularly according to the regulations for any possible leakage

  • that the maintenance and audit log is kept for refrigeration unit at hand

  • to make sure that the refrigerants are professionally recovered when the unit is disabled

The legislation has changed. Today the refrigerant type is as relevant as the amount of added gas when it comes to how often the maintenance inspections need to be carried out. The more harmful the greenhouse gas to the global warming is, the more frequent the service intervals are.

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The obligations of a refrigeration unit holder

Is one of these yours?

We maintain for example these refrigeration unit brands:

Acson, Aermec, Aircool, Alco, Alfa Laval, Argo, Aspen, Atlas Copco, Bitzer, Blue box, Carel, Carly, Carrier, Chiller, Ciat, Climaveneta, Clint, Cliref, Clivet, Condair, Coolex, Copeland, Cubigel, Daikin, Danfoss, Defensor, EBM, Ekocoil, Elco, Eliwell, Emerson, Felzer, Fincoil, Fläkt Woods, Frascold, Friga-Bohn, Fujitsu, Galletti, GEA, Gebwell, Hanbell, Hermetel, Hiref, Hiross, Hitachi, Honeywell, Huurre, Hygromatik, IVT, Johnson controls, KAC, Kaeser, Koja, Lae, LG, Legrand, Lunite, Luve, Lämpöässä, Maneurop, Mastercella, Metos, Munters, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Nibe, Norpe, Optyma, Panasonic, Pemco, Porkka, RC, Refcomp, Rittal, Rhoss, Sabroe, Samsung, Sanyo, SCM, Searle, Sharp, Silensys, Sporlan, Swep, Technibel, Tecumseh, Thermia, Toshiba, Trane, Uniflair, VRF, VRV, York, Zanotti


Maintenance contract

Leave all your concerns to us. We offer customised year-round maintenance contracts. Then you can be sure that the refrigeration unit performs as it should and can refrain from any bigger problems. In case of several devices or for example if all the maintenance and audit logs have gone missing or never even been done, we do the device mapping and gather the information into an electronic form for you.

Energy savings

Precisely planned and optimised refrigeration unit is energy efficient. With free cooling technology and heat recovery you can achieve great energy savings from season to season. Modern components and devices enable even a worn unit’s successful and eco-friendly renewal. We offer device adjustments and energy efficiency improvements to all refrigeration units, regardless of the make or model, old or new.